Due to their undervalued status in Indian society, women and girls face additional challenges such as limited access to education, widespread domestic violence, and restricted opportunities for employment. The still-common practice of child marriage perpetuates women's low status, as child brides face higher risk of domestic abuse, economic dependence, and denial of household decision-making power. Deep Griha's self-help groups, seminars, and workshops for women help to combat these problems.


To address high rates of illiteracy, Deep Griha provides literacy classes, which enhance women's independence and their ability to secure employment. In addition, courses and informal seminars are offered, covering topics such as financial skills, women's rights, and health and hygiene.


Deep Griha has helped women initiate over 40 self-help groups with more than 700 members. The groups are largely self-sufficient and self-run; members of each group decide on their own aims and activities, which can range from emotional support to financial cooperatives and income generation projects. By working together, supporting each other in their ambitions, and building their confidence, the groups empower women to change their own lives.


Deep Griha works with the Legal Aid Centre of Pune and ILS Law College to provide legal aid and advice. Because domestic violence is a primary issue addressed through this program, a crucial component is making women aware of their rights. The ILS Law College encourages women to learn about their rights and provides free legal advice to those in need.


Deep Griha offers counseling to women, as well as couples counseling, covering issues such as family planning and income generation. Additionally, Deep Griha runs sessions and week-long seminars, focusing on topics such as the role of women in the family and society, domestic violence, and gender issues. The seminars encourage women to think about their position in India and offer pragmatic solutions to the challenges women face in their daily life.