Dismal living conditions, lack of adequate food, and poor access to basic health services contribute to widespread problems in Pune's slum communities. Children are especially vulnerable, as malnutrition and exposure to contaminated water increase their likelihood of contracting disease and infection. Deep Griha's health programs are designed to address diverse needs, including vaccinations, daily nutrition for malnourished or sick children, medical exams, HIV/AIDS services, and even specialist care.


Deep Griha runs medical clinics that provide treatment, medication, and preventative care such as vaccinations at nominal or no cost.


In collaboration with medical specialists, Deep Griha organizes temporary clinics in both urban and rural settings in order to provide access to specialist care (dermatological, gynecological, cardiac, dental, pediatric, optical) that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. In addition, a Mobile Eye Clinic is used to reach out to urban slum areas in and around Pune.


Deep Griha provides daily nutrition in the form of one free meal for children identified by health staff as suffering from malnutrition or chronic ill health. For children who are too sick to come to the center, meals are sent to their homes.


Deep Griha's Integrated Service for HIV and AIDS (DISHA) is an HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support program, working not only within the slum communities but also with the wider public in Pune. The program offers a wide range of services, including home-based care and support, outpatient clinics, voluntary testing and counseling services, and a nutrition program providing two healthy meals a day, six days a week.

In addition to DISHA, Deep Griha also conducts outreach and awareness programs in order to address the stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV. A vicious cycle exists in which ignorance leads to fear, which in turn fuels stigma and discrimination, which then leads to silence, thus allowing ignorance to persist and the cycle to continue. Deep Griha's programs target urban and rural communities that have notoriously poor access to education and health care. Deep Griha is also a major partner in the Wake Up Pune campaign (, which brings together a coalition of non-governmental organizations and civil society groups to run citywide HIV awareness programs.