Children in India are among the hardest hit by poverty and social inequality. In slum communities, malnutrition and anemia are rampant, causing irreparable damage to childrens' growth and cognitive development, as well as recurring illnesses and even death. Limited access to education, especially for girls, further undermines the ability of slum communities to break the cycle of poverty and give children a chance at a better life. Deep Griha's programs provide children and their families with the resources and support they need to put a brighter future within reach.


Deep Griha's day care (crèches) and pre-school (balwadis) programs play an important role in supporting families. Many homes in the slums are headed by single women who must work in order to support the family, and yet have no day care available to them. By providing a safe and caring environment for children during the day, Deep Griha's day care and pre-school programs make it possible for parents to go out to work and for older siblings to attend school. Each child in our child care programs receives early education, along with regular medical check-ups, immunizations against childhood diseases, recreational activities, and a nutritious meal.


Education is the main focus of Deep Griha's child development programs. Many forms of educational services and support are offered to those living in urban slums as well as surrounding rural areas. Deep Griha runs Deep Griha Academy, an English-medium school open to all children from the surrounding rural community, and an IT school providing young adults with the skills needed to enter Pune's growing IT industry. Educational programs also include courses on topics ranging from sex education, HIV/AIDS, and family relationships to skills training and women's rights. Click here to learn more about Deep Griha's work in education.


The Aadhar Kendra Child Sponsorship Program addresses the specific needs of orphans and children who are in foster families or single-parent families. Children who have lost one or both parents are often forced to take on responsibilities within their families, cutting short their childhoods and educations. The extra burden on family resources means that orphaned children or those in single parent families are often required to work. Click here to find out how you can help a child through sponsorship.


City of Child is a beautiful green oasis located about 30 miles outside of Pune. The program targets the most vulnerable children from Deep Griha's child sponsorship program, providing them with a safe home away from the particularly difficult circumstances they faced in the slums. Click here to learn more about City of Child.